Page 1 Volume 93, Issue 1
Editor’s Choice – March 2022
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Editor’s Choice – March 2022; Leprosy Review; 2022; 93; 1; 1 DOI: 10.47276/lr.93.1.1
Leprosy Review
British Leprosy Relief Association
Colchester, UK
We begin this issue with an important Editorial on ethical issues surrounding research, especially research and publications related to leprosy, written by two members of the Editorial Board. The paper discusses a wide range of topics, including ethics related to questionnaire surveys, which are frequently reported in Leprosy Review. Readers are encouraged to look at the published guidelines referenced in the paper.
We also publish five papers from social science research carried out in Nepal, The Philippines, India, Nigeria and Kashmir, respectively. It is encouraging to see greater interest in the broad psycho-social issues affecting those with leprosy, not only in terms of assessment, which is an essential first step in understanding the scale of the problems, but also in developing and deploying appropriate interventions. While many of the issues are broadly similar across endemic countries, the details are often surprisingly different, indicating that up-to-date local knowledge, derived from research carried out within the same region, is important when planning interventions.
A report from the Blue Peter Public Health and Research Centre (BPHRC), Hyderabad, India, indicates that leprosy-related disability in children and adolescents is still unacceptably high – much higher than the nationally reported figures may suggest. This illustrates the need for better data, including geographical information about where these cases are, as well as targeted case-finding and health education interventions, in order to counter this trend as quickly as possible.