Page 313 Volume 92, Issue 4
Editor’s Choice – December 2021
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Editor’s Choice – December 2021; Leprosy Review; 2021; 92; 4; 313 DOI: 10.47276/lr.92.4.313
Leprosy Review
British Leprosy Relief Association
Colchester, UK
This special issue focuses on self-care, which is a vital element of case management in leprosy, but which not often studied in any depth. As part of a wide-ranging study led by Professor Richard Lilford of Birmingham University, the first eight papers are devoted to various aspects of the topic, introduced through an Editorial by Professor Lilford.
Interestingly, an original paper by Balagon et al. looks at how patients may also play a role in their own care, in this case by observing changes in their skin lesions as an indicator of a possible reaction needing further treatment. Notice how this program is backed up by a simple, but well-organized help-line, which has made a significant contribution to better follow-up.
Also of particular note is the report of two cases of ENL reaction shortly after vaccination with an adenovirus-based COVID vaccine. These were not in any way life-threatening, but such events need to be watched for at a time when these vaccines are being used very widely.
Finally, we have all been saddened to hear of the deaths of two towering figures in the leprosy world, Dr. S. K. Noordeen and Professor Indira Nath. Both had eminent careers but both were very supportive of the work of others all over the world. Professor Nath was on the Leprosy Review Advisory Board, and was always ready to give helpful advice, whatever the problem.