Pages 378 - 387 Volume 90, Issue 4
Odontogenic infections and leprosy reactions: A case–control study

To analyze the association between reactional episodes in leprosy and clinical and radiographic parameters relating to dental and gingival-periodontal structures of oral health.


Observational case-control study unpaired with multibacillary leprosy patients evaluated between August 2012 and January 2014 from three endemic Brazilian municipalities; patients with first leprosy reaction (cases) were compared to patients without leprosy reaction (controls). The independent variables were grouped into: sociodemographic, disease clinical characteristics, behavior and lifestyle and dental and gingival-periodontal conditions. Two dentists were assigned to the fieldwork and the Kappa statistic was calculated. Logistic regression with 95% confidence interval was carried out.


The study included 57 individuals, including 23 reaction cases (40.4%) and 34 controls (59.6%). Chronic periodontal disease (CPD) (ORaj = 4.3; p = 0.033); the necessity for tooth extraction (ORaj = 23.4; p = 0.006), the presence of bone loss (ORaj = 6.5; p = 0.030), the presence of periodontal pockets (ORaj = 3.4; p = 0.045) and a visit to the dentist (ORaj =0.3; p = 0.014) are associated with reactional episodes in leprosy.


The dental and gingival-periodontal parameters shown to be associated with reactional episodes in leprosy were the presence of teeth that need to be extracted, CPD, and the presence of a periodontal pocket. Alveolar bone reabsorption was a radiographic parameter associated with reactional episodes in leprosy.

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Odontogenic infections and leprosy reactions: A case–control study; Leprosy Review; 2019; 90; 4; 378-387; DOI: 10.47276/lr.90.4.378
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