Pages 208 - 218 Volume 89, Issue 3
Pain perception and functional limitation, assessed in the years after nerve decompression in leprosy

Surgical decompression of peripheral nerve trunks is a widely recognised procedure in the management of leprosy-associated neuropathy in endemic areas. The purpose of this study is to explore patients’ perception in terms of pain and functional limitation after neural decompression surgery in leprosy.


Fifty-three patients (87 surgeries) underwent peripheral nerve decompression surgery from 1999 to 2014 at our institution and were eligible for this study. Patients were interviewed with a semi-structured form and established questionnaires (DN-4, McGill Pain Questionnaire, visual analogue scale [VAS], and SALSA) and then physical impairments were assessed by physical examination. Some data were retrospectively retrieved from medical records for comparative analysis.


Surgery occurred with a mean time of 5.1 ± 4.1 years, prior to the interview. Most (59%) patients had one operated limb and 38 (71.7%) declared complete resolution of pain after surgery. There was a 64% reduction in the use of analgesics and an 81% reduction in corticosteroid use. Postoperative chronic pain affected 15 patients (28.3%), mostly of neuropathic type (86.7%). The majority of patients were generally satisfied (87%) with the surgical results and 58.5% of subjects had mild or no functional limitation at the time of the interview.


Patients had a positive experience after neural decompression surgery for leprosy-associated neuropathy in terms of reduced pain and functional limitation, and high levels of satisfaction.

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Pain perception and functional limitation, assessed in the years after nerve decompression in leprosy; Leprosy Review; 2018; 89; 3; 208-218; DOI: 10.47276/lr.89.3.208
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