Pages 117 - 123 Volume 86, Issue 1
Cost effective cosmetic prosthesis for lost digits

Leprosy causes nerve damage which leads to repeated injuries or ulcers causing the loss or absorption of digits. The loss of digits is also common in traumatic injuries. Irrespective of the etiology, the loss of a finger has a considerable negative functional and psychological impact on an individual. In order to solve these problems, prostheses are provided to patients. This short report demonstrates the advantages of using liquid latex in making a low cost cosmetic prosthesis. The possibility of using latex material offers a practical alternative where silicone prosthesis is not affordable.

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G. Manivannan, G. Karthikeyan, Premal Das, G. Babu;
Cost effective cosmetic prosthesis for lost digits; Leprosy Review; 2015; 86; 1; 117-123; DOI: 10.47276/lr.86.1.117
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