Pages 91 - 93 Volume 76, Issue 1
Leprosy with neurofibromatosis – a diagnostic dilemma

The coexistence of leprosy with neurofibromatosis is a rare finding and can pose a diagnostic dilemma. Neurofibromatosis coexisting with borderline tuberculoid leprosy has previously not been reported. We report such a case in a 13-year-old boy where biopsy of clinically uninvolved nerve revealed the presence of acid-fast bacilli. A careful diagnostic workup is needed in such cases to ensure proper treatment. Both disorders affect Schwann cells and their relationship merits further consideration.

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Chander Grover, Manmohan Lohra, Soni Nanda, B.S.N. Reddy;
Leprosy with neurofibromatosis – a diagnostic dilemma; Leprosy Review; 2005; 76; 1; 91-93; DOI: 10.47276/lr.76.1.91
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