Pages 319 - 325 Volume 73, Issue 4
Tendon transfer for triple nerve paralysis of the hand in leprosy

Paralysis of ulnar, median and radial nerves is seen in less than 1% of those affected with leprosy. This condition is a particular challenge for the surgeon, physiotherapist, and patient. A retrospective chart review was conducted at the Green Pastures Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre (GPHRC) and Anandaban Leprosy Hospital (ALH) in Nepal, and results were graded by the system outlined by Sundararaj in 1984. Thirty-one patients were identified, and 21 charts were available for review. Excellent or good results were obtained in 93% of patients for wrist extension, 85% of patients for finger extension, 90% of patients for thumb extension, 71% of patients for intrinsic reconstruction, and 63% of patients for thumb opposition reconstruction. These results are reasonable but inferior to those obtained by Sundararaj in his study. Surgical intervention offers a very significant improvement in function in these very difficult hands. Intensive physiotherapy is required both pre- and postoperatively.

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Elaine McEvitt, Richard Schwarz;
Tendon transfer for triple nerve paralysis of the hand in leprosy; Leprosy Review; 2002; 73; 4; 319-325; DOI: 10.47276/lr.73.4.319
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