Pages 130 - 137 Volume 73, Issue 2
Training for integration

Training is often suggested as the solution to the inadequacies of the health care system, and there is little doubt that without it, service quality would suffer and new techniques and technologies would be difficult to introduce; clearly it is an important component in any drive to achieve quality of care. However, in this era of cost-effectiveness and cost cutting, which is part of the reason for integration, it is surprising that training is often not well planned and is rarely evaluated in a rational manner. This paper relies on recent discussions within ILEP about training and the use of training materials for leprosy in the present environment – one in which most programmes are being integrated into the general health services. The development of a National Training Plan for Leprosy is proposed, with clear objectives, in order to best utilize the resources available.

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Paul R. Saunderson, W Felton Ross;
Training for integration; Leprosy Review; 2002; 73; 2; 130-137; DOI: 10.47276/lr.73.2.130
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